Ohio Water Polo Coaches Association to Host Water Polo Clinic on May 21-13 in Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Water Polo Coaches Assocation will host a 3 day water polo clinic for players and coaches on May 21-23 in Columbus, Ohio. The event will feature well known water polo coach, Dante Dettamanti, former Stanford University Water Polo coach who has 8 NCAA titles and 10 NCAA Coach of the Year awards.

All players, coaches and officials are welcome as this can be very valuable for your water polo skills and knowledge.

Ohio Squirrels travel to University of Tennessee for their Dogwood Invitational

Ohio Squirrels will be attending the University of Tennessee's Dogwood Invtitational on April 23-25.

Roster include:

Chris Mathers
Brenna Fleener
Alexis Blaxberg
Michael Jones
Nick Long
Dusty Doris
Jed Danner
Steve Coupland
Jon Martin
Mike Miles
Sarah Sander
Paul Miller
Luis Clavijo


An outdoor tournament, this compeition usually draws larger club programs in the Midwest that play year round. Wish us luck.

Ohio Squirrels Take 2 out of 4 in Northeast Invitational on April 10 & 11

Ohio Squirrels took a small team to the University of Akron for the Northeast Invitational hosted by University of Akron and Cleveland Water Polo Club.

Game #1
Ohio Squirrels 9, University of Pittsburgh 8

Game #2
Ohio Squirrels 11, University of Akron 3

Game #3
Ohio Squirrels 3, Toronto 10

Game #4
Ohio Squirrels 9, Cleveland 11

4th Place overall

Practice on Sunday at University of Cincinnati from 6pm - 8pm

Practice on Sunday at University of Cincinnati from 6pm - 8pm


Come early to help set-up.

Tennessee Tournament Date Change

Tennessee's Dogwood Invitational has been rescheduled from April 17-18 to April 24-25

Squirrels Place 2nd at Ohio University 6th Annual Athens Showdown

Squirrels Place 2nd at Ohio University 6th Annual Athens Showdown

Game 1
Ohio Squirrels 13, Bowling Green 0

Game 2
Ohio Squirrels 9, Ohio University 10
OU won in a 4-3 shootout

Game 3
Ohio Squirrels 9, Cleveland 3

Game 4
Ohio Squirrels 12, Ohio State 4


Great tournament!

2nd Annual Nutty Invitational Results

Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club & Huntington Bank Hosted the 2nd Annual Nutty Invitational on February 27-28 at the University of Cincinnati Keating Aquatics Center

Ohio Squirrels WPC Featured as USA Water Polo's Club of the Month

Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club Featured as USA Water Polo's March Club of the Month.

Enjoy the pictures and bio information at the following link below:


Ohio Squirrels to Host 2nd Annual Nutty Invitational on February 27-28, 2010

Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club is hosting their 2nd Annual Nutty Invitational on February 27-28, 2010. This is being held at the University of Cincinnati Keating Aquatic Center. Admission is free. We hope you will come and watch.

Teams attending are:

Bracket A:
Ohio Squirrels WPC
Missouri Tigers
Ohio State Buckeyes
Central Michigan

Bracket B:
Bowling Green Falcons
Central Ohio (Columbus, OH)
Team Chicago
Beached Whales (Chicago, IL)

Water Polo Highlighted on MSNBC Today

This link is a 3:30 minute video discussing how the Navy Seal program is getting creative in recruiting new potential Navy Seals. They are looking into specific sports such as water polo due to the grueling workouts and diiscipline. "Most of the sports have a real high training factor"....
So, when that football players laughs at you because you wear a speedo or because you wrestle with other men in the water, let them know that if a Navy Seal recruiter has a choice between you or the football player....they would pick you.

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