Squirrels Place 2nd at Ohio University 6th Annual Athens Showdown

Squirrels Place 2nd at Ohio University 6th Annual Athens Showdown

Game 1
Ohio Squirrels 13, Bowling Green 0

Game 2
Ohio Squirrels 9, Ohio University 10
OU won in a 4-3 shootout

Game 3
Ohio Squirrels 9, Cleveland 3

Game 4
Ohio Squirrels 12, Ohio State 4


Great tournament!

2nd Annual Nutty Invitational Results

Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club & Huntington Bank Hosted the 2nd Annual Nutty Invitational on February 27-28 at the University of Cincinnati Keating Aquatics Center

Ohio Squirrels WPC Featured as USA Water Polo's Club of the Month

Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club Featured as USA Water Polo's March Club of the Month.

Enjoy the pictures and bio information at the following link below:


Ohio Squirrels to Host 2nd Annual Nutty Invitational on February 27-28, 2010

Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club is hosting their 2nd Annual Nutty Invitational on February 27-28, 2010. This is being held at the University of Cincinnati Keating Aquatic Center. Admission is free. We hope you will come and watch.

Teams attending are:

Bracket A:
Ohio Squirrels WPC
Missouri Tigers
Ohio State Buckeyes
Central Michigan

Bracket B:
Bowling Green Falcons
Central Ohio (Columbus, OH)
Team Chicago
Beached Whales (Chicago, IL)

Water Polo Highlighted on MSNBC Today

This link is a 3:30 minute video discussing how the Navy Seal program is getting creative in recruiting new potential Navy Seals. They are looking into specific sports such as water polo due to the grueling workouts and diiscipline. "Most of the sports have a real high training factor"....
So, when that football players laughs at you because you wear a speedo or because you wrestle with other men in the water, let them know that if a Navy Seal recruiter has a choice between you or the football player....they would pick you.

4th Quarter Dues, USAWP & Spring Tournament Schedule

Please submit your 1st Quarter $60 dues via paypal.


Thanks for everyone who has signed up for USA WP.
If you still need to sign up, here is the link: https://webpoint.usawaterpolo.com/wp/memberships/join.asp
We are silver athletes.


Spring Tournament Schedule:

February 6 & 7, 2010
BGSU Falcon Invitational

February 27 & 28, 2010
Home Tournament at UC

Ohio Squirrels Fall Season Results

Ohio Squirrels Finish of their Fall 2009 Season With a Water Polo Carnival at Xavier University on December 6, 6pm - 9pm.

The Squirrels finished with the following fall season results: (11-8-1)

University of Tennessee:
V. Tennessee: Win, 13 - 3
V. Tulane: Win, 14 - 3
V. Purdue Alumni: Loss, 8-6
V. Chicago Park Districk: Loss, 9-8

Ohio Squirrels wish all a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!! To all players, fans and supporters, have a warm, joyful and over eating Thanksgiving. We give thanks for trees, nuts and water polo. -OSWPC

Squirrels to travel to Bowling Green & Chicago for 2 competitive tournaments

The Ohio Squirrels will travel to Bowling Green on November 14-15 to attend the 2nd Annual Falcon Invitational. 12 teams scattered across the midwest will compete for the top spot on this Saturday & Sunday tournament.

The teams attending include:

Ohio Squirrels WPC to Adopt USA Water Polo in 2010

Starting January 2010, the Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club will be under the governing body of United States Water Polo. “USA Water Polo, Inc is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose to serve as the national governing body for the sport of water polo in the United States under the auspices of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).”

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