2016 Ohio Squirrels WPC Awards

Please join me in recognizing to the 2016 Club Award Recipients:

Most Valuable Players:
Daniel Lebling & Chris Mathers

Dan & Chris showed tremendous contribution both during competition and team practice to the team success this year. They also demonstrated leadership in developing strategy and utilizing all of our team resources in the water.

Most Improved:
Adam Gunn

Adam strengthened his play at center this year and as an outside shooter. He is becoming more of a threat also while driving and defending center. Adam is always asking questions about how to get better and what to do in specific situations.

Rookie of the Club:
Lindsey Stamer

Lindsey joined at the middle of 2016 and has been an incredibly hard worker and demonstrated a great foundation to be a high quality player and contributor to the club. She is a delight to have on the club!

All Hands on Deck:
Jeff Reese

Jeff was the leader in re-developing www.ohiosquirrels.com as well as linking in a team store to the site. This has helped our brand both in Ohio and around the country. Jeff was also always on board with pitching in to come to practice early, stay late to make sure things are cleaned up. He also excelled in goalie this year and was in the conversation at MVP, Most Improved and Leadership Award.

Leadership Award
Mike Jones

Mike was the main tournament director for the Nutty Invite, Harvest Classic and Lake Polo. He setup practice schedule, several scrimmages, the Quad Invite in January, 2016 and ran the budget this year for the club. Mike also has a strong relationship with all the facilities we use in the Cincinnati area that has allowed us to play both indoors and outdoors.