Ohio Squirrels – Online Team Store

Get all of your Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club Team Gear right here. Benefits: 1. You can buy anything whenever you want 2. Bulk orders of 6+ of one item get a discount 3. Team gets 15% of your order 4. Ships to you in 1 week 5. Pay directly to Rokkitwear Take a look at the Ohio Squirrels Rokkitwear site: http://www.rokkitwear.com/school/23862-ohio-squirrels-water-polo

Additional Practice Survey

When you get a chance, please take following survey. We are looking at adding practices this fall and spring to supplement training and give more training opportunity to our members. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JGJDLCJ

Fall Practice Schedule

Here is the information on our Fall Practice Schedule. https://www.dropbox.com/s/283nv404p29pd0m/OSWPC%20Fall%202016%20Practice%20Schedule.pdf?dl=0 If there are any questions, please email ohio.squirrels OSWPC Fall 2016 Practice Schedule.pdf

Ohio Water Polo Camp

Special thanks to the following Ohio Squirrels for their time, effort, energy, enthusiasm at the Ohio Water Polo Camp this past weekend. www.ohiowaterpolocamp.com 1. Alexis Nordrum 2. Paul Miller 3. Steve Coupland 4. Stephen Ioas 5. Adam Ioas 6. Katie Caldwell 7. Mike Jones 8. Clay Kossmeyer 9. Jeff Reese 10. Zoran Tesic Paul Miller, Clay Kossmeyer and Jeff Reese helped with Monday night clean-up with very late notice!

Support USA Water Polo – Buy an Olympic Shirt!

Sign-up for an Olympic Shirt to support USA as they travel to Rio. Orders are due June 20, 2016. They come in Men’s and Women’s styles and in blue, red and heavy metal. http://www.kap7.com/team-usa-olympic-water-polo-2016-turbo-mens-t-shirt/ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1EUr94VSM_eWFJoG2beSa9LF0kKyAaQYxvpbdXli3Pgc/viewform

Buffalo Wild Wings Partnership

Buffalo Wild Wings Partnership Help us raise funds for the club. We have partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings on Pfeiffer Road in Blue Ash. Show attached flyer and 10% of your bill will go towards the club. We are Team O. Fundraiser ends September 4, 2016. HTA-Carriers-Team-Ticket – May 29 – Sept 4.pdf